Our Fees & Charges

Here are the fees we may charge you.
These are in addition to any premium adjustments charged by your insurer and will be charged at the same time as any associated transaction.


Policy arrangement & administration

Telematics fee

Non-refundable after the box is installed.

Your quote includes this fee, you can see the amount in your price summary.

Up to £150
The premium we charge you will also include our commission.  You can request information about the commission that we’ve received for arranging your insurance at any time.  If you’d like this information please contact us.

Appointments with our engineers

Installing your SmartMiles box

If we need to send an engineer to install your SmartMiles box for you.



Installation in a new car

Includes the cost of the engineer's visit and a new SmartMiles box.


Up to £135

Removal of your SmartMiles box

If you ask us to remove your box after your policy is cancelled.

Missed appointment

Also charged for appointments cancelled within 24 hours or where the engineer attends but can’t fit a box due to issues with the vehicle or your documents.

Amendments to your policy 

Replacement box

Sending you a replacement box eg. If the original is lost or you buy a new car.



All other amendments not listed above


Cancellation (within 14 days)


Cancellation (after 14 days)


Re-sending your documents in printed form

No Fee

Payment charges

Payments by debit card No Fee

Payments by credit card

No Fee

Defaulted or missed direct debit

Charged by your loan provider