About SmartMiles

How SmartMiles Car Insurance Works

Hastings Direct SmartMiles is a telematics car insurance policy. Telematics is the remote collection of data by utilising Telecommunications and Information Technology, the same GPS technology as your Sat Nav or mobile phone uses.

You get a SmartMiles box installed in your car, which is about the size of a mobile phone. The box doesn’t affect your car’s performance or impact the manufacturer’s warranty.

Your Personal Data


Once installed, the box links to satellites in orbit that can track objects on the ground to provide accurate details of their location and movements.

From this we can record your speed, acceleration, braking and where and when you are driving, and regularly SmartSync this information directly into our secure servers, similar to the way that your mobile phone sends messages. From there, the information is rated against speed limits and other safe driving measures, and the results are fed into your Driving Dashboard.

There are strict rules about what we can do with the data we collect. Its main use is to calculate your Driver Rating, which will be the basis of your next insurance quote, when it’s time for you to renew.

Your Dashboard Reports

You can go online to check your Driver Rating whenever you want and we have lots of tips to help you improve. We want to help you to be a safer driver, and to reduce your insurance costs, so we will keep you fully informed throughout the life of your policy.

As an additional benefit, if your car is ever stolen, we can use our system to track its location.

About Hastings Direct

Hastings Direct is a division of Hastings Insurance Services Limited, a UK company that provides insurance policies and related products by telephone and internet.
We launched in 1997 and began trading as a broker, providing car insurance. We have extended our product range over the years to include much more — including household, van and motorbike insurance, and enhanced the additional products and services that we offer.

In 2009, Hastings Insurance Services Limited was bought by its management from Insurance Australia Group (IAG). This presented an exciting opportunity to develop the company into what is now one of the UK's leading insurance providers, whilst maintaining the Hastings commitment to quality and service to ensure long term security for our customers.

Hastings Direct SmartMiles was launched in July 2012, to help young drivers to save money on their car insurance and promote safe driving.